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'paperbark lines' Exhibition
'paperbark lines' Exhibition
19th Sept - 18th Oct 2020
Petrichor Gallery Walpole WA

'paperbark Lines' presents a series of studies from the Walpole Wilderness where there are extensive areas of old paperbark woodlands, trees up to 10 metres or more. Each tree is wind swept, sculptured by the natural elements including fire and time. Each have a story to tell in their shape, curve, knot, and scars.

Working with ink, drawing, following, and exploring the wood grain or branch line is a contemplative act. Ink is soaked up by the paper, while wax layering alters the texture. The process is mesmeric for me, while the fragility and vulnerability of both wax drawings and paperbark trees are connected.

Petrichor Gallery
19th September - 18th October 2020