fine art > OPEN BORDERS | Flourescent Yellow//Electric Lime 2022

ink and wax on rice paper on board
114cm x 46cm x 1cm
Flagged (detail)
ink and wax on rice paper on board
114cm x 46cm x 1cm

Fluorescent Yellow // Electric Lime

Fluorescent Yellow // Electric Lime is part of the ‘Open Borders’ regional presentation series, a unique collaborative of 12 group exhibitions and 3 performances developed and deliverd by communities across regional WA.

Fluorescent Yellow // Electric Lime is on display at the Painted Tree Gallery in Northcliffe daily from 9am – 4pm, from Saturday 3rd of December until Sunday 22nd of January.

Selected artists:
Elizabeth Edmonds
Elmari Steyn
Janet Leigh
Lori Pensini
Leanne White
Louise Tasker
Lyndall Watson
Marilyn Barrington
Peter Hill

ColorHexa, the online colour encyclopaedia defines the colour of tennis balls (#ccff00) as “Fluorescent yellow or Electric lime”. Are we able to accept such a conflicting definition? Can tennis balls be both green and yellow at the same time? Where does one colour end and the next begin?

Things that have a foot in each camp make us feel discomfort. They create tension as they demand extra consideration before we’re able to accept them. These concepts remind us that our common vernacular is not nearly prescriptive enough, and that our lexicon needs to continually evolve.

This exhibition aims to explore ‘oddities’ or ‘anomalies’, concepts that do not fit within the borders of categories that we create, or our reactions to them – are we accepting or do we struggle?
Lisa Radomiljac (Curator )