• "A Tale of Two Trees" workshop

    "A Tale of Two Trees" workshop

    Looking forward to this event!

    A workshop bringing together talented researchers sharing their knowledge on the Red-Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia) and the Red Tingle (Eucalyptus jacksonii). Both trees are endemic to where I live, highly restricted in their natural distribution and relictual species of a time long ago.

    Sponsored by Eucalypt Australia Dahl Fellowship 2023, Petrichor Gallery and the Walpole Nornalup National Parks Association.

  • #newproject


    I've been working on a #newproject - 'A Tale of Two Trees' - the Red Flowering Gum and the Red Tingle through the Eucalypt Australia Dahl Fellowship program. It explores the environmental narrative of these two iconic Australian eucalypts through an art and science exhibition. I hope you all enjoy the journey too.⁠

    Just love this image of a Corymbia ficifolia gumnut and seedling I took in 2019 - a start of an idea . . .⁠

  • 2023 Dahl Fellowship

    2023 Dahl Fellowship

    Eucalypt Australia Dahl Fellow 2023

    I am so honoured and excited to have been awarded a Eucalypt Australia Dahl Fellowship 2023 to work on a project close to my heart - blending science, art and conservation to raise awareness of the Red Flowering Gum and Red Tingles. Stay tuned . . .

    Follow my journey and other Dahl Fellow recipients here: eucalyptaustralia.org.au/grants/dahl-fe…

  • Heartland Journeys

    Heartland Journeys

    It's been a pleasure working with Gondwana Link towards this article about my work as part of their Heartland Journey series https://heartlandjourneys.com.au/stories/. Thank you for sharing this story and all the support you give.⁠

    Check out the fabulous work they do at heartlandjourneys.com.au/stories/peat-f…

  • Southerly Magazine Dec 2022

    Southerly Magazine Dec 2022

    "In the new December Issue of Southerly, Dr Elizabeth Edmonds tells of her incredible life as a scientist, artist and gallery owner amongst the red tingles, red flowering gums, peat swamps and pollen fossils of the precious and glorious Walpole Wilderness Area."⁠
    So honoured to be featured in the Southerly Magazine as part of the Heartland Journeys across the Gondwana Link.⁠
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