fine art > A Tale of Two Trees | Dahl Fellowship 2023

ink, charcoal tingle ink + wax on board triptych
2700cm x 102cm x 2cm

Standing beside a Red Tingle, Eucalyptus jacksonii or dtingle dtingle, with their towering presence and impressive girth make them awe-inspiring to behold.

Three reflects different faces of the an ancient Red Tingle viewed from the south east, east south east and north east. As you stroll around its bell-bottomed shape, each facet provides a distinct viewpoint, showcasing a captivating microcosm of life on one side, one half sculptured by flames, while the other bears the scars of fire that has been hollowed out over time.

Within this artwork, the layers are enriched with ink pen sketches and tingle charcoal-infused ink washes, sealed in wax to introduce a sense of depth and imbue the piece with an ethereal, mist-like quality