ink, charcoal tingle ink + wax on board (triptych)
102cm x 240cm x 2cm
ink and wax on rice paper banner
170cm x 200cm x 80-100cm
ink and wax on rice paper banners
170cm x 200cm x 80-100cm
Transition (detail)
ink and cold wax on rice paper banner

Artists in Collaboration With Plants
FORM Building a State of Creativity

“Her prayer was scarcely done when a heavy numbness seized her limbs, thin bark closed over her breast, her hair turned into leaves, her arms into branches, her feet so swift a moment ago stuck fast in slow-growing roots, her face was lost in the canopy. Only her shining beauty was left.” - Ovid

'Daphne becomes the laurel bough,’ Metamorphoses, Book 1, 8 CE

Inspired by Ovid's epic poem of the same name, Metamorphosis honours the beguiling magic and transformative power of the natural world. Artists have engaged the plant kingdom as co-creators in their work, asking us to reimagine the part we play in this earthly realm.

Metamorphosis invites us to explore the shifting boundaries we share with nature, but beyond artistic expression, it serves as an important reminder of the need to protect the diverse and complex ecology of the land on which we are privileged to live.

This exhibition is the fifth show in FORM’s Southern Exposure series, celebrating the talent of artists who live or have a connection to Western Australia's southern regions.
Curator: Andrew Nicholls

Artists: David Charles Collins | Elizabeth Edmonds
Sarah Elson | Holly Story | Beverly Thomson

FORM Gallery WA
17 May - 13 July 2024