work > Sketching the South West

Charred Assemblage
ink on paper
50cm x 40cm
Charren - to turn
charcoal on paper
42cm x 30cm


Sketching the South West celebrates the power of the sketch in capturing the ecology of this region through the lens of an artist.

This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists who use life sketches to explore unique ways of seeing the landscape, people and culture of the South West. Whether working with paint, pastel, pen, charcoal, wood, recycled materials, printmaking, fabric or ceramics each work began with a form of mark making, capturing an encounter between artist and subject in its purest form. The inclusion of preliminary sketches alongside finished works in this exhibition presents a unique opportunity to observe the power of the sketch and a glance into the artistic process.

Curated by Rachel Corps

Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
26 January - 28 April 2019