fine art > A Tale of Two Trees | Dahl Fellowship 2023

Ancient home
Ancient home
nk, charcoal tingle ink + wax on board polytych
76cm x 3150cm x 2cm

The fall of an ancient giant has a profound ecological impact in the Tingle forest. The demise of a tree, through fire or other factors, that has likely stood for centuries signifies the loss of a unique and irreplaceable component of our natural heritage.

A fallen log marks the passing of one generation and the beginning of a new phase of growth. It creates a gap in the forest canopy, allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor. This can trigger a series of ecological changes, including providing new habitats for various organisms, from fungi to insects to small mammals.

Giant trees also play a significant role in carbon sequestration, helping to mitigate climate change. When they fall and decompose, they release some of the stored carbon back into the atmosphere. Understanding this process is important for assessing the carbon balance in forests and their contribution to climate regulation.

In this piece, tingle charcoal-infused ink washes underlay detailed drawings that follow every mark, shaped, knot, gnarl and scar of a fallen tingle. It is a contemplative process, a reflective journey tracing the historical thread and interweaving the environmental storyline by manipulation of layers of wax that preserve and uphold the narrative.